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Tea for Today: Volume 5 Issue 2

Tea in the News

Steven Pratt, author of Super Foods Rx (William Morrow), identifies 14 Super Foods that can help prevent disease, reports the Rocky Mountain News, (January 27, 2004). "TEA boosts the immune system, helps prevent cancer and osteoporosis, lowers stroke risk and promotes cardiovascular health" he says. Additionally, of the 14 foods listed, TEA is the only food which has no "other option" or substitute that, when consumed, can offer the same "super powers".

"Chocolate, Coffee, Tea" opened this February at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. The new exhibit showcases silver jugs and porcelain cups created for these beverages as their popularity swept through upper-crust Europe, covering a period from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

"These three beverages...had an enormous impact on European customs and ultimately on the decorative arts that served those customs," stated Ian Wardropper, head of the Met's Dept. of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, reports the Associated Press. The exhibit runs through April 11, 2004.

In "Three New Reasons to Switch to Tea" (Prevention Magazine, January 2004) the following research studies were sited showng that the antioxidant polyphenols in tea fight disease:

    Taiwanese researchers studying 1,000 people found that those who averaged just 2 cups of tea (black, green or oolong) once per week for 10 years, had 20% lower body fat and 2% lower waist-to-hip ratios compared to those who didn't.

    USDA scientists report that 15 people cut their mildy-elevated cholesterol by 7% and their bad LDL cholesterol by 11% after just 3 weeks of drinking 5 daily cups of black tea.

    Australian researchers, studying 218 women, found that for each 1-cup increase in tea drunk daily (up to 4 cups), systolic blood pressure dropped 2 points and diastolic pressure dropped one point.

Tea Recipes

Both Green and Black tea, along with most herbal infusions, can be used successfully to add flavor and unique savory quality to prepared foods. To find a recipe that suits your taste buds, go to one of the following web sites and enter "green tea" or "black tea" or maybe "jasmine" or "spearmint" and find a recipe that suits your mood and try it tonight!






A message from the Chairman

Visiting the tea regions just reinforces what a wonderful product we deal in. High mountain vistas, pure clean air, a silence you can almost hear, and the slow rhythms of nature and man working together to bring you the worlds best beverage.

My trip last month to the tea gardens restored my soul and the belief in the career I chose over 40 years ago.

If anyone of you ever decide you would like to come with me to our tea gardens…just give me a call….. Barry P. W. Cooper

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